Monument to the Sailors of the Revolution

Памятник «Морякам революции»

At the entrance to the city there is a 12-meter monument devoted to the sailors who defended our country during Civil War and Wold War II:

  • this is a kneeling sailor with uncovered head, who is pressing to his heart the cap of his friend died in battles. In his right hand he holds his own sailor’s cap. His strong face is full of bitterness and sadness. Those people who intently stare the sailor often can’t hold their tears;
  • across from the monument there is a viewing platform with a picturesque panorama of the bay;

The ship-museum “Mikhail Kutuzov”

Крейсер Михаил Кутузов
  • it is impossible not to visit the naval ship-museum “Mikhail Kutuzov”. As far back as 1950s this ship sailed the seas. But now, having bought a ticket for a tour, you can thoroughly examine it and learn about our history over the past 100 years;

Stela  “Marine Glory”

стела морская слава россии в новороссийске
  • the magnificent stela of the Marine Glory is well seen from the sea. Sculpture composition – a girl angel with our planet under her feet and sailing boat in her hands, which she guards from storms and misfortunes – is placed on a high granite column;

Sea port

Новороссийский порт
  • The territory of Novorossiysk port is also a very attractive place to walk. Dock workers bustle around, ships arrive and depart, and one feels the power of this place;

Memorial complex  “The Small Earth”

Малая земля
  • do not miss the sculptural composition “The Small Earth”, which is embodied in the form of a ship’s bow that breaks onto land – a monument to brave soldiers who fought for a year to liberate Novorossiysk from Wehrmacht troops.

Memorial complex “Heroes’ Square”

Мемориальный комплекс «Площадь героев»

Memorial complex “Heroes’ Square” is located in the center of  Novorossiysk. The complex is located among the always well-kept lawns, firs and flowers. From the Novorossiysk history  it is known that  rebuilding and development of the city after the World War II began from this very place.