Набережная Новороссийск

Novorossiysk – is a large port city famous for its sights and historical events. City visitors  can enjoy not only the sea coast, but to get acquainted with the Novorossiysk  amazing history.


Serebryakova Embankment was named for the admiral, who was the founder and the first governor of Novorossiysk. The monument to the outstanding founders of the city was erected on the embankment. The picturesque street lined with a lot of different trees and decorated with bright  floral lawns stretches for 2 km. Admiral Serebryakova Embankment is the favorite place of promenades for guests and townsmen.

Абрау дюрсо Шампаское

Champagne factory “Abrau-Durso”


Local winery is one of the must-visit places in the area. It is a well-known winery, which products are popular far beyond the country. The winery offers to its visitors excursions with testing sessions.  The staff will take you to the cellars with wooden barrels and share the secrets of wine-making. You can buy rare vintage wines in the local factory shops.

рубеж обороны



The Defense Line memorial was officially opened in 1978 to coincide  the 35th anniversary of the  Novorossiysk liberation from the Nazis. The symbolism of the memorial is not difficult to see: four huge male hands are holding  machine guns and  block intervention of enemies.  Solemn and impressive construction.


The cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov” was part of the Black Sea Fleet. This naval vessel faithfully served its country and defended its territorial waters from the Nazis. That ship was one of  ten most powerful maneuverable torpedo vessels. A rich history of naval operations, participation in major military campaigns, shootings  in legendary war movies. Guides will show the visitors  captain’s cabin,  equipment and armament of the vessel.

парк фрунзе



Park n.a. M.V. Frunze is a family recreation area not far from the sea side. It is not large, but very cozy, with a lot of amusement rides,  cafes and children’s playgrounds. The cobbled alleys are decorated with funny fairy-tale sculptures.


The freshness of the fountain sprays gives pleasure and coolness. The small town of merry-go-rounds, sports grounds and attractions will be of interest to every guest of our city of any age. A bridge over a nice little pond and it’s inhabitants – ducks and turtles – will cause curiosity and interest. You can settle yourself nearby and keep an eye on  these representatives of the fauna.


Planetarium. Knowledges about stars and planets are important for general  development of a person. An exciting trip across the Universe is accompanied by lectures on space and aviation. A telescope is installed in the center, everyone who is interested can observe  solar changes,  Aurora Borealis  and other celestial phenomena.


All guests of our city can enjoy wonderful nature, varied entertainment program, well-developed infrastructure.